And The Journey Begins…

Years of contemplation and here I am. I had to be sure that what I was going to put out was going to be relevant, relatable and professional. Or I was just procrastinating. Either ways, I am here and I am hoping to get my words out.

I’m an avid blog reader for multiple purposes – to read reviews on beauty products, to get travel destination inspirations, to get ideas for my wedding planning and so on… There are some amazing stuff out there – I will link and mention them along the way as I share my views and thoughts.

No two people are the same. So naturally, I met with roadblocks when I needed a particular foundation color review for my skin tone or if I wanted to know more about a wedding style that was so specific.

That brings me here. To cover a little bit more based out of my own experiences and views and journey.

This sure is a long winded way of saying “Hello! and Welcome to my blog!”

It will take me some time to get this bad boy up and running with content but I assure you that it is worth the wait! 😉



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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