Suffering from hair loss? Well I got to a point where I had strands and strands of hair on my pillow when I wake up every morning, bits that kept coming out of my scalp every time I ran my fingers through my hair!

And I’m talking about right up to two weeks ago! It scared me when I actually saw a thinning patch when I had my hair up. So, of course I got busy on Google and even contemplated rubbing raw eggs onto my hair (something to do with proteins and stuff). But no. NO!

Until I found something that was easy and that I already had in my kitchen!


If you have not heard of tea rinses, then where have you been? Well, apparently with me. Under some rock because it is everywhere. On Youtube, Instagram and even journal articles that I found! Before you go on thinking that I now have found a miracle in two weeks, not quite. I have done the tea rinse 3 times now (because I forgot the other times) and I see a difference. BUT. It’s only been two weeks and I hope to revisit this post again with an update. For now, I am loving it. In fact, I have managed to convince my fiancé to give it a go. I’ll share his views once he gets to it.

OK. How does it work? My brain only needs a little info to convince my body. So, here’s what I have summarized for you guys.


For those of you who need more information on how it works, I suggest reading the information here. All the data and results and graphs are in there. And for those of you who need quantitative research, there are quite a few journals you can find.

ALRIGHT. So do you chug green tea for the hair loss?

No my friends. You pour it on your head. Possibly the cheapest hair fall treatment out there.

  1. Get a tea bag (green tea/black tea) – the one I use is in the first picture
  2. Drop your tea bag into a cup
  3. Fill it with HOT water
  4. Let it sit for awhile – Most that I read, it says to steep it for 7minutes. I have been keeping it longer (mostly because I forgot about it or MY DAD DRANK IT thinking it was made for him)
  5. Once you are happy with your green tea, let it COOL
  6. I like to mix it with a little tap water and fill up my water bottle with it
  7. Get into the shower with your water bottle
  8. Shampoo hair as per normal and wash off
  9. Pour your tea on your scalp and massage – there really isn’t any point in pouring the tea over your hair because you want to GET IT ON YOUR SCALP where the HAIR FOLLICLES are at
  10. Let it sit for about 10mins – do other shower stuff while waiting
  11. Apply conditioner and wash off as you would normally
  12. THATS IT.

Simple & Cheap.

Best part is, it has reduced my hair fall by a lot. Like I said, I have only done it 3 times. I saw a difference after the first rinse so it must be good, no?

If you try it, let me know how it goes for you and if you have other suggestions, share it please!




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